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Introducing... Ice°

Pure, great tasting water from any tap.*

We took our patended MAD™ purification technology and miniaturized the filter for use with tap water. The Ice°Cap is a revolutionary no-leak, water filtration cap, designed for stainless steel bottles. You won't want to leave home without it!

A Revolutionary Cap The Ice°Cap

  • Purify ~60 gallons (200+ liters) of tap water with each filter
  • Leak proof
  • Uses zero chemicals
  • No wait time
  • Easy filter replacement (When the waterflow slows and its hard to sip, time to replace!)

Pre-Order Yours Today

Spend Less. Drink More. Be Hydrated.

Not only is your own personal filter more convenient, but if you are buying bottled water Ice°Cap can save real dollars. For less than a month’s worth of bottled water you can save thousands over time. Plus! Always have pure, great tasting water at your fingertips.

Pre-Order For Just $25

A 500ml water bottle costs (on average in the U.S.) $1.45

1 bottle per day = $43.50
per month That’s $529 a year!

2 bottles per day = $87.00
per month That’s $1,059 a year!

3 bottles per day
(for a family of 3) = $130.50
per month That’s $1,588 a year!

The MAD™ Difference

We minaturized our patented MAD™ (Mechanically Advanced Decontamination) for the Ice°Cap to be used with tap water anywhere in the world, making it safe to drink.

MAD™media filters tap water protecting us from:


Including chlorine and fluoride.


Including the 7 most commonly used such as atrazine and glyphosate.


Including lead and mercury.


Such as giardia, cryptosporidium, and


Extremely small pieces of plastic debris resulting from pollution.

Independently Tested and Verified

Our filtration technology exceeds the World Health Organization's (W.H.O.) highest three-star standard in terms of bacterial reduction. These results have been independently verified by an accredited laboratory in the U.S.

*While the Ice°Cap meets or exceeds these world standards, we recommend the Ice°Cap is only used with treated municipal drinking water.

FREE Ice°Cap when you purchase 4 filters. (A one-year supply!)

Never be without a filter when you need it. Plus get discounts!